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Office Suite X is a complete office suite offering similar features to that of it's main competitor, Microsoft Office. Designed for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, charts, graphs and more, it will have you covered for all office needs.


  • Superior Word and Text Processing Power
  • Make Powerpoint Presentations Easily
  • Create Spreadsheets, Documents & Charts
  • Supports Microsoft Office Files & Formats
  • Sleek New Interface & Lightweight Design
  • And Much, Much More!
  • Download Information

    Operating System: All Windows Versions
    System Requirements: Very Low Resources
    Installation Type: Powered by InstallSphere
    Download Size: Less Than 5 Minutes
    Version: The Latest Full Version
    Software Price: 100% Free To Use

    New In This Version

    The latest version expanding on the already excellent feature set of it's previous versions. With a few bug fixes and a bunch of new features including enhanced Microsoft Office file support this release is running smoother than ever.

    Why Choose Office Suite X?

    With the source code first released nearly ten years ago, the software has long been the industry standard in Office Suites. Offering a wide array of features - all open source and free it's no wonder it's used by millions around the globe.

    Optional Software

    Optional third party offers will be presented during installation - this may include a toolbar that will appear in your browsers should you choose to install. Yahoo OR Tuvaro may be offered, shown below:

    The Bottom Line

    Office Suite X is an undisputed king of office suites. It has so many features sure to please even the most advanced users, and it is packed into light weight software package which is a must-have for practically all computer users. An open-source project, OpenOffice is constantly contributed to by a huge base of expert developers who effectively guarantee that the software stay cutting edge. It is no wonder why it has become so popular in recent years rivalling Microsoft Office in the number of users. It is simple to use, easy to install, and absolutely free!

    Helpful Links

    Office Suite X was created using the source code from the open source software Open Office. uses an open source licence, which you can learn more about Here. You can also download the Source Code or begin downloading Office Suite X now by clicking on the Download Button below.

    Installation Instructions

    1. Click the Download Now button above
    2. Click Run or Save File in Firefox/Chrome
    3. Click Run again, or Double-Click the File
    4. Press Allow to any any security prompts
    4. Follow the easy installation insructions
    5. The software is now installed successfully!

    Using The Software

    When installed on your computer, the software will be accessible through the "Programs" list which is visible upon clicking the Windows button otherwise known as the "Start" button in the lower left portion of your computer screen. We recommend choosing the software as the default program for your media viewing needs. When you have chosen Easy Media Player as your default media player, then the program will open and play automatically when you click on a compatible file.

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