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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a comprehensive list of the frequently asked questions we receive via our contact form.

Are all downloads on this website free?
Yes! All downloads are completely free as they are open source. To you as a user, the benefits of Open Source software is they are contributed to by a huge base of expert developers who are constantly making upgrades and improvements to software as the source code is freely available.

Why am I asked if I want to install 'Additional Software Options' before I download?
While this step is completely optional, and can be skipped by pressing 'decline' on the Additional Software Options screen, this helps to support the cost of running and maintaining our site while keeping it completely free for our users! An example of this is Bing's Toolbar - users can choose to add this to their installation (only if they want to) and it is a great free tool designed to make searching the web faster, easier and more efficient. Our installaton manager; InstallSphere currently powers all of the downloads on - you can learn more about how it works from Here.

Is downloading from this site legal?
Of course! All of the software available is open source, meaning you can legally install and use the program completely free of charge on as many computers as you wish.

How do I download software from this website?
This is somewhat self explanatory and works just like any other software site - simply click 'Download' on the software page for your desired software, select 'Run' to open the installer and continue with the simple on screen instructions to complete the hassle-free installation process.

How do I uninstall software I have downloaded from this website?
We have detailed instructions on how to this on our Software Removal page located Here.

What sort of download speeds can I expect?
This depends heavily on your internet connection, and with the demand for speed in the fast developing online world, we strive to host software installers on the fastest possible servers to provide painless experience for you as a user. We regularly perform checks to ensure the software is the latest possible release, and some software is even downloaded directly from developers servers, so providing you have a high-speed connection downloads can be upwards of 1MB/s.