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Download Free is a free, open source software directory aimed to offer you as a user access to software downloads, information and reviews and ultimately help users from all around the world find great free, open source software. We have millions of users that use our free service each month, and after we review various software from around the web, we carefully select the software we find the most useful in particular categories and help consumers to learn more about what the software has to offer, how it might benefit them, how it stacks up with competitors, and how it was received by critics to ultimately help you as a consumer make informed decisions on the best software solution for your needs.

Thanks to open source licensing all software on our website is free, and we help to provide great free alternatives to paid software (in some case costing upwards of $1000!) like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Nero Burning Suite and more!

All of our downloads are currently powered by our installation manager technology InstallSphere - you can learn more about this Here. This not only makes installation of software a breeze by giving users clear, simple instructions, but it also helps to support the costs involved with running and maintaining our website by giving the users the option of adding useful, relevant third party programs to their installation.

To begin learning more about the software we have to offer please click on the tab on the left and select your desired software. You might also want to pay a visit to our Knowledge Base to read more on the software we have available or visit our Frequently Asked Questions to help clarify any other questions you may have. Thanks!